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Payday Loans

Payday loans are designed to offer you quick monetary assistance, until your next pay date. When you are between paychecks and need fast cash, there is no easier method to receive your cash than an online payday loan.

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Gold Buying

Gold and other precious metals are selling at all-time highs. Search your drawers, jewelry box, safe, or safe-deposit box. As We have one of the highest pay outs in Canada.

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Rent To oWn

Do you own a rental or have a second home you would like to rent out? Discover how a rent-to-own program can secure you reliable renters who will pay more every month.

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Title Loans With Money Mega Mart you can borrow upto $25,000 or more today with a title loan against your car, truck, boat, trailer, RV, horse trailer or a mobile home without ever leaving the comfort of your home. 
Cheque Cashing

Turn to Money Mega Mart! Our convenient check cashing service doesn't require a bank account so you can get your cash without the hassle.

Western Union Money Transfer

Receiving or Sending Money Back Home to the loved ones. Money Mega Mart uses Western Union's secured money transfer networks to guarantee the security of your international money transfers. You can be always sure with Money Mega Mart.